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Aloe Vera

Aloe loves her skin and this love is mutual. Your skin will love Aloe vera accordingly. Because aloe is characterized reconstructive, healing and moisturizing effect. The nutrients of aloe include vitamins A, C and E. Vitamin A is known for its reconstructive properties of the Cells and is widely used in cosmetology as an anti-wrinkle ingredient.Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin and helps maintain itsmaintain its health. It is therefore not by chance that Aloe Vera is a main ingredient in the "kitchen" of the cosmetics industry.

Olive oil

Olive oil, this great medicine of nature occupies a special place in the in the world of beauty. Rich in useful ingredients, it has it has the ability to nourish, moisturize, heal and leave skin leaving the skin soft and smooth. It has an penetration and is able to keep natural moisture "trapped" in the skin. trapped" in the skin, preventing the formation of dry skin. is prevented. In addition, its antioxidant properties, which protect against premature aging, are also undisputed. This is olive oil on the skin cells leads to the formation of new collagen and elastin. elastin. This makes the skin stronger, firmer and healthier. Valuable is this liquid gold also for mature skin, as it is a weapon against dehydrated, dull and thin skin. It provides all the important nutrients needed to have a radiant skin over the years. .

Donkey milk

Donkey milk, this important, hard to find and very nutritious milk, has undoubtedly emerged as one of the best dairy products for human health as well as for skin care. For centuries, donkey milk has stood out for its properties. In ancient Greece, Hippocrates used Donkey milk to treat many diseases. In ancient Egypt Cleopatra kept her skin young by bathing in it. In Rome it was considered the drink of the aristocracy. Donkey milk is rich in proteins, important nutrients (which prevent skin dehydration) and phospholipids. phospholipids. Among other things, donkey milk is rich in vitamin C, which provides an antioxidant action and at the same time acts against the free radicals free radicals that are responsible for premature aging of the skin. responsible for premature aging of the skin. Donkey milk rightly plays a leading role in modern modern cosmetology, as it has anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, and moisturizing moisturizing effect.

Volcanic stones

The volcanic rock extract acts with innumerable beneficial properties and benevolent effects on beauty. The miraculous volcanic lava extract hides treasures as it is a rich source of trace elements. In particular, the volcanic stones contain copper, which restores the skin elasticity and tightens it. In addition, they contain magnesium that promotes the formation of collagen in skin cells, and zinc, which is necessary for the synthesis of proteins and collagen. The beneficial properties of volcanic components lead to cell detoxification and longevity. Therefore, it contributes significantly to the youthful appearance of the skin.


Honey has an antioxidant effect and helps to fight free radicals. free radicals. It also has important healing and balancing properties. Some of these are natural nourishment and moisturizing of the Skin, but also tissue renewal. In addition, it has antimicrobial effect and protects the skin from environmental pollution.


Yogurt probiotics help to promote cell renewal and restore the restore the moisture content of dehydrated skin and minimize the feeling of "pulling". Minimize the feeling of "pulling". Its rich in vitamin A and refreshing texture soothe redness and irritation on the skin, while other important ingredients such as lactic acid and probiotics, restore the Restore skin elasticity and fight acne. The use of these products will surely convince you, as it has a balancing as well as a rejuvenating

and rejuvenating effect on your hair and skin.

Royal jelly

The anti-aging secret of the queen bee. Royal jelly has excellent cosmetic and anti-aging properties. With a high concentration of active ingredients, it contains vitamins A, B, C, D and E, amino acids, essential fatty acids and minerals. It keeps the skin elastic thanks to similar ingredients such as elastin and collagen makes it stronger and more flexible.

Truffle oil

The effect of the Greek truffle is a unique experience in the cosmetic care. Truffle is a type of fungus that grows on the roots of trees. The use of truffles in cosmetics is something innovative. Research shows that truffle renews the natural defenses of the skin against aging, activates and reconstructs the natural enses of cells activates and reconstructs. "Food of the gods", "daughters of the earth", "caviar of culture", "miracle of nature", are some characteristic Names attributed from time to time to the truffle. In fact, the word truffle in Latin means "food for kings".


Take advantage of the beneficial properties of pomegranate and get a beautiful and radiant skin. Pomegranate is a fruit rich in Vitamins A, C, E, iron, potassium, fiber, carbohydrates, antioxidants and many other valuable ingredients that are important for our important for our health and beauty. Its seeds help the Skin with moisture, have an anti-aging effect, smooth wrinkles, remove dead skin cells and treat acne.


(resin from the mastic tree in Chios)

In cosmetology, mastic (resin from the mastic tree in Chios) is used to make perfumes, face and body creams, shampoos, toothpaste and many cosmetic - and personal care products. The only one in the world and our beloved masticha has restorative, healing, mega antioxidant powers to neutralize free radicals. It gives the skin glow and makes it radiant while tightening the skin's tissues. Wonderful for skin problems like acne, oily skin and ideal for wrinkles.

Grape - Santorini Grape

Grape is rich in vitamins A, B, C and minerals, so it is very important for the care of our skin and hair. Its rich polyphenols have a strong anti-aging effect, as they fight free radicals and protect cells from oxidation. These are substances 20-30 times more active than vitamin E, which ensure adequate hydration while stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Finally, as for the hair, its juice has trace elements that give them shine and vitality. Polyphenol-rich extract of Santorini grape activates important skin associated with regeneration, detoxification and antioxidant defense of the skin, awakening the inner youth strength of the skin.